Dear Consultants,

We hope this message finds you well. We want to express our gratitude for choosing "Bissoy" as your platform to provide medical consultations to your patients. Your commitment to delivering healthcare services through our platform is highly valued, and we are dedicated to supporting your practice's growth and success.

At "Bissoy," we understand the challenges you face in the healthcare industry, and we are committed to creating a platform that benefits both doctors and patients. To facilitate your practice and help you maximize your earnings, we are pleased to introduce a special incentive for our esteemed doctors.

Starting from [23-9-2023], we are launching a coupon code program exclusively for Doctors. This program allows you to share a unique coupon code with your patients, which they can use to access your services through our platform. When your patients use this coupon code, they will receive a 5% discount on the consultation fee.

Here's how it works:

- As a doctor on "Bissoy," your standard service fee is 20% of the consultation cost. This fee covers various operational expenses, including marketing, VAT, payment gateway fees, server maintenance, call center support, and personnel costs.

- When your patients use the coupon code you provide, they will enjoy a 5% discount on the consultation fee, reducing their cost.

- The fees associated with the consultation will be adjusted to a reduced rate of 7%, which includes a 5% VAT and a 2% payment gateway fee.

The advantages of this program are twofold:

1. **Increased Earnings:** By sharing the coupon code with your patients, you enable them to receive your expert medical advice at a reduced cost, making your services more accessible and attractive. This can potentially lead to an increase in the number of consultations, thereby boosting your earnings.

2. **Patient Loyalty:** Offering a discounted rate to your patients fosters a sense of loyalty and trust. It demonstrates your commitment to their well-being and encourages them to continue seeking your medical expertise through "Bissoy."

**Terms and Conditions:**
To maintain the integrity of the coupon code program and ensure a fair and equitable platform, we kindly request that you adhere to the following terms:
- Doctors are prohibited from sharing their coupon code within the "Bissoy" platform, including messages, answers, or calls.

**Accessing and Sharing Your Coupon Code:**
To get started with the coupon code program and share it with your patients, please follow these simple steps:

1. Accessing Your Coupon Code:
- Tap on the "Menu" icon in the "Bissoy" app.
- Select "Refer and Earn."

2. Sharing Your Coupon Code with Patients:
- Share your unique coupon code with your patients on your chamber.
- Consider sharing the code on your social media profiles, websites, or other communication channels.
- Provide the code in printed materials within your practice to make it easily accessible to your patients.

We believe that this initiative will not only benefit you as a healthcare provider but also enhance the overall experience for your patients. We are committed to working closely with you to ensure the success of this program and to address any questions or concerns you may have.

Thank you once again for being a valued member of the "Bissoy" community. Together, we can continue to provide high-quality healthcare services to patients across the region.

Warm regards,

Md Ariful Islam

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