twin baby pregnancy

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বাংলায় পরতে ক্লিক করুন..এখানে

Many are so wish. However, the process may not be able to take the twins you know anyone can.

When twins are
A fertilized egg is then divided into two separate cells. Each child is born to every single cell. This is the identical twin of the baby (aidentikyala Twin) was born. As previously had a cell to two cells, so they all have the same genes. That is why they are identical and are of the same .
The twins are identical to the child, they are actually non aidentikyala twin.

At the same time the mother's body, usually a single egg is released from the ovaries to any one. If an egg from the ovary at the same time there are two, but a total of two egg cell in his body is obhyulesana period. During the meeting, both the male sperm fertilized dimbanukei. Thus, non-aidentikyala Twin baby is born. These children may not be always the same sex and they are very different.

65 percent of the general process of a mother of two could be twins. If one twin is more likely the mother's family. A mother of three in every 10,000 children could be twins. Four of the low risk of twins. However, at the present time due to advances in the treatment of childless couples, twins are likely to have increased manifold.

The possibility of twins
• If you feel ill over from the beginning of pregnancy
• pregnancy increased abdominal size than the normal rules
• If a family one twin
• treatment when pregnant mothers were childless

After two months of pregnancy ultrasound exam to be sure whether the twins. Whether the identical twin can be called. When you're able to do is to take that test again at a later time.

Twins in the womb, if you need to be extra cautious. The twin babies are more likely to complicate. In particular, there is a danger of premature children. Identical twin of the 16-week ultrasound is better every 3 weeks, 4 weeks, if not identical. The twin sons of Caesar itself safe. But the doctor to give birth in a natural way.