What is a good age difference between a man and a woman for marriage?

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বাংলায় পরতে ক্লিক করুন..এখানে

Honey marriage age difference between husband and wife relationship should be lower. The difference between the spouses is less than the stability of the world, the ability to understand each other's heart has grown. A team of Emory University in Atlanta in the United States on nearly three thousand people in a survey published this information.

বাংলায় পরতে ক্লিক করুন..এখানে

Studies have shown that, with the increase in the age difference between husband and wife, the divorce rate is increased. When 5-year age difference between husband and wife in their divorce risk is 18 percent higher than for couples of the same age. If the age difference between the 10-year hiatus, the risk rose to 95 percent, 39 percent and 0 years old. However, the separation is largely dependent upon the relationship between husband and wife. The closer the relationship, the less likely to divorce.

Given the importance of the difference in age of marriage in this country are not the same. Despite the age difference between the two men to leave women can sometimes due to nirbhasilatara. The length of the room, but the mind is a thousand miles distance. On paper the separation of the mind when it is not broke, but some just can not say.

বাংলায় পরতে ক্লিক করুন..এখানে

According to the study, at least two years beyond the age of marriage by a margin of more than 43 percent reduced risk of separation in together. Together again in 10 years if it is reduced to 94 percent.