Carpet Alarm

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answered Jan 15, 2016 by Md Ariful Islam (781 points)

Alarm screams broke up in the morning. But many times, turn off the alarm sleeping habits can be seen. When it starts to rub a little late in the morning. Results for the delay to the office. Throughout the day, many of which are under pressure to act. So I have come forward to solve this problem, a company Angry AIM.

Mats that look like an alarm. It is an alarm in the bed next to your bed mats. This elarme allows you to set up your manamata tune. Then it will start playing in the morning will keep your feet on the mat for two. Three seconds and three seconds to stand in certain parts of the mat after an alarm stop. And your sleep will vanish in three seconds.

From September this year, is expected to come to market in the alarm mat. UK could be worth £ 95.

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