What's happening when a man/woman in a love

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বাংলায় পরতে ক্লিক করুন... এখানে 


Changes in brain activity fell in love with the place in the brain, and 1 hit. As a result of falling in love with the brain activity can be changed. The brain has to think about all the time, so do not worry. So many things to be controlled by emotions.

Changes in hormones in the body when the heart is in love with the speed of the changes. As a result of this change in the hormone lowers blood pressure. Decreases with the speed of the heart. This change was more than love, especially if you are in the neighborhood.

If it is less than an hour fell in love with sleep sleep at night. This information is found in a study. The study was published in the Journal of the ayadolesenta helathe. And it is because of the greatest concurrency go to sleep at night to remember and increase physical and mental instability. As a result, the body may not be ready for sleep and sleep late.

Many of the Stanford University School of Medicine reduced the pain of a study that, if you love all kinds of human body pain can be cured. Increasing the feeling of pain reduces the brain's neural risepatarera of love. So scientists pain medication called love.

Bhulomana forgotten everything starts to fall in love. The hormone responsible for the aksitasina. When in love, the brain produces large amounts of hormones aksitasina, which may reduce some memory. I love it when people are a little absent-minded and bhulomana.

When love takes over takes over the flavor or taste of food. The American Psychological Association, a study of the information provided. The study found that, of those who fought them to a new love to feel a bit more than others in the food gorgeous.

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