cell phone radiation Mobile phone in pocket How man will lost

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বাংলায় পরতে ক্লিক করুন... এখানে 

The men usually in their pants pocket while mobile phones can be a negative impact on their reproduction. A recent study of the University of Exeter, UK researchers looked at them.

Loss of use of mobile phones to find out clearly Bioscience researcher at the University of Exeter researchers, led by Mathews phiyona detailed review of 10 studies, and one of the 492 samples was observed.

Research article published in Environmental International "magazine. Matthews said the researchers on the study, many mobile phones are being used all over the world. The roles of the public use of the environment should be further clarified. Mobile phones are commonly used in high waves are harmful for human body parts and sparsakarara.

Mathews acknowledged, it was found that they have studied the radio-frequency electromagnetic radiation emitted from mobile negatively affect sperm quality. As a result, future generations from the various physical disability that leads to errors. It's true father of concern.

India's Mumbai-based maternity and obstetrics researcher said Nandita palasahetakara, high-frequency electromagnetic radiation emitted from mobile phones. The risk of loss prajananatantrerao men. Such harmful effects on sperm and sperm density waves can be reduced.

A recent study of mobile phones damage sperm wave of such information in the United States, the researchers acknowledged. Analysts say, we're talking about nuclear radiation, the use of mobile phones has reached the stage now that our physical loss of mobile frequencies to be careful from now on.

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