How I can receive skrill money in Bangladesh?

asked Dec 29, 2014 in Internet & websites by durjo (4,210 points)

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answered Dec 29, 2014 by durjo (4,210 points)

You can receive payment in 3 ways
01. Receive in Bank: If you withdraw to your Bank you will get euro. Conversion charge is applicable. This may take 3-5 business days. You may get high costs.
02. Receive into Payoneer Card: If you receive skrill money into payoneer card it will take 3-5 business days but you can receive the amount directly.
03. Sale your amount: Many people need skrill dollar, you can sell the amount to them. This way you can get best from your skrill from Bangladesh. It is applicable to India, Pakistan, Sankara or any other country not 1st world.

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answered Jan 31, 2015 by Online Service (73 points)
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