How i can withdraw money by ATM from my Payoneer master card?

asked Dec 29, 2014 in Internet & websites by durjo (4,210 points)

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answered Dec 29, 2014 by durjo (4,210 points)

It is easy
Step 1: Make sure your payoneer card have enough balance, do not withdraw all amount. Keep at least 3 dollar left on card otherwise your transaction may fail. For example you withdraw 100 dollar you need $103 balance.
Step 2: Find a MasterCard supported ATM booth, most of the ATM booths are mastercard supported. Globally Standard Chartered, HSBC booths have this. In Bangladesh DBBL Prime Bank and most of the ATM booths support master card.
Step 3: Insert your card into ATM booth. Hold MasterCard logo on the card using your finger then insert (to get right order), ATM booth will ask PIN code, enter pin. Use fast cash or withdraw option > Select Checking as account type, you will get your cash hopefully.
NB: money will be in local currency (Taka, Rupee etc)

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