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#1 Test tube baby is no longer the subject of the imagination. The history of the world's first test tube baby, Louise Brown, was born in England on 11 November 1978. Test tube baby birth of late, however, many countries have mastered technology. We are also involved in the development of the technology gradually and be systematic. These words of hope.

বাংলায় পরতে ক্লিক করুন..এখানে

In Bangladesh, 001 in the first test tube babies were born in a clinic in Dhaka on May 9. The country's first test tube babies and mother Feroza Begum (33), and the father of Abu Hanif, 16 years after their married life together in the manner of the test tube baby was three daughters. Test Tube Baby joy for many of us, there are different kinds of prejudices and misconceptions.

A lot of misconceptions about test tube baby. Test-tube baby was born in a misunderstanding of the words from the hearts of many. For this reason, many people think, test tube babies were born in the test tube. Some feel, test tube baby, has given birth to a child by artificial means. Therefore, the artificial barriers of religion may be having children. But it is not at all the issue of test tube babies. There are various treatment methods, such as a variety of diseases, it is also a medical procedure.

বাংলায় পরতে ক্লিক করুন..এখানে

Test tube baby is a procedure widely in the treatment of infertility. These are different techniques and in the form. This strategy is one of IVF. This is the first test tube babies have been born through IVF. In short, IVF is the process of in vitro fertilization. This method is very gingerly manner lyapareskopika egg into the woman was brought out. Rapara that the processing is stored in the lab.

At the same time her husband's sperm collected from numerous labs are chosen through a special processing Taking the best quality sperm. He was released after the infusion of fresh and synergistic sperm to egg in petridise. Egg and sperm are stored in the mother's womb this petridisatike inakiubitare similar environment.

From 4 to 48 hours after the observation of inakiubitarera infusion implies the creation of embryos after about success. After the creation of the embryo into the uterus through a special tube is sent to install. After the completion of the establishment of the development of the fetus in the uterus for the decision to go ahead and from there was born. The children did not grow up in a test tube.

বাংলায় পরতে ক্লিক করুন..এখানে

Natural birth is the mother of all children born in the oviduct and uterus. The woman's egg and her husband's sperm in a test tube babies is a collection of special machines, which are stored in a special container and leave for infusion.

After infusion caused the embryo to the uterus of the wife is installed. The whole process takes 4 to 48 hours. This is the time at the beginning but throughout the rest of the children in the womb grow up like a normal pregnancy. Garbhadharinira uterus with a normal way of life as a child growing way of life is no different from test tube babies. There is no scope for the creation of unnecessary interest. Remind patient treatment, it is normal.

Author: Associate Professor, Holy Family Red Crescent Medical College.

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