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বাংলায় পরতে ক্লিক করুন... এখানে

'' Love '' is probably the world's most rare and desirable application. Although it is not possible to know exactly when it's no wonder the origin of love, the history of the evolution of yayaye more primitive and older. Although there is love in the midst of all the other animal life, human life, and it has been part of the motivation and no one else could.

Love the unseen and the unknown, to the glory of suppressed feelings of distress or the abyakta per year, has been declared a special day, Valentine's Day, Valentine's Day, which means Bengal. According to the Western calendar date February 14, means the second day phalgunera.

Many, like me, Valentine's Day, hence the need to do? However, every day is Valentine's Day. I recommend looking for can be seen, there is more than one of the older history of why this 'Valentine's Day'? Since the start of the day, and when? Who was Valentine? Way back in history to find the answers to these questions will have to walk a few centuries. There are many stories of the day of love. Valentine's Day today, the two most common'll introduce everyone with the story.

The first is the story of St. Valentine, a Roman Catholic priest who was or santo. As pope, he was a doctor. At that time the Roman Emperor Claudius II. What has been, has won the World Romans one after another. And the need for a strong military. However, the problem of youth stand. They do not want to send anything that they preferred a man of war. When Emperor Claudius thought, if you do not marry men seem to be willing to go to war. The idea was implemented. The emperor had banned marriage. But what is the law of love, driven by the youth to avoid running to keep up? St. Valentine came forward or santo. He married the love of a young tarunidera made to one, everyone gave her. But he could not maintain its long tradition. Valentine fell. He was a prisoner. However, another problem arose when new. Many of her fans to see bhyalentainake prison. They came with a lot of passion flower as a sign of goodwill. Among them was a blind girl. Can be heard, St. Valentine away his blindness. Not only had his vision restored, pastor was bound in love with her and married her partner broke the law, he said. But then? Paumchotei he heard the news of the king's death in a Valentine's ordered. Before going to the gallows, spouse Valentine's last letter was written - "Love from your Valentine." And it was the day on February 14. 496 AD, Pope gelasiyasa the first day, "Valentine's Day" was declared. 1700 popular day century, Britain began to celebrate. Began exchanging hand-written card or gift. Then in 1840, the first commercially "Esther began making love to the gift of dibasa haolyanda. The world's oldest 'Valentine karda-T is stored in the British Museum in London.

Another story: This story has some similarities with the previous story. At the beginning of Christianity, "bhyalentinasa names of more than one child or itihane cents, to know that there are huge uncertainties surrounding the story. According to the most acceptable 'Valentine's Day' of the origin of the Roman saint 'bhyalentinasa's death center. Claudius in the middle of the third century Christian emperor of the Roman Empire, was named gothikasa. At that time, the Christian couple married without his consent and to assist organized crime bhyalentinasake saint was arrested. The order of the emperor of Rome City phlaminiyana gate "out of the beheaded was killed. Later, the father of the fourteenth century English literature Geoffrey cocara The Parliament of Birds' poem 'Valentine's Day', spoke of. In addition, some of the literature on this Valentine's Day can be found in the special day. The most notable being William Shakespeare's famous tragedy 'Hamlet'. Early in the day to celebrate the love of England's royal family and elite society was limited.

This date was established as a universal feast of the nineteenth century. People are starting to love flowers, greeting cards, chocolate, spending time in private practice, and given alankarasaha different. Valentine's Day reaches deep into the heart of the twentieth century, spreads worldwide. The remarkable diversity of many different countries. China is known as the Day of Love 'kiksi Festival, which is celebrated on the seventh day of the seventh month candrapanjika, Finland's name istabhanapaibha' meaning 'friendship day', Latin America, this day is celebrated as a day of friendship and love. Besides the United States, Spain, Portugal, Greece, the day is celebrated in different countries, including Japan. Imitation of western culture, Bangladesh, India, Pakistan, all countries, including growing appreciation day. It was almost worth the day staring at the society, especially the young. Although some equate love with a human brain and the heart are gahane its origin - was not yet possible for scientists to evaluate. Hear, earth lover died as true love is love or submission to the sun, why the sun red. I love the colors of the morning sunrise spread. Why lovers all over the world to spread the light of the sun from dawn to collect a long breath of love. Bilaya love each other in the middle of the day, taken from nature. However, I do not know the origin of this mythical.

Valentine's Day greetings to everyone. Each year, the day of St. Valentine red love to be scattered or santo everyone's mind.