How to solve mobile phone hang problem

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বাংলায় পরতে ক্লিক করুন... এখানে 

 Repeated phone 'hangs' might be. But it 'hangs' What you should know that she will do.

As the wine begins to greater reliance on mobile phones is increasing. Anyone who talks without this little device can not think of one of the days.

If it does not work, many of the mobile phone while thikathakamato became not wait. Mobile phones can not be used continuously, or "hang" or freeze, the normal thing, either. Typically various applications, games and a lot of video memory in the phone took possession of the mobile phone repeatedly '' hangs from it.

First, you need your Android phone's memory and how much memory space to take a look at it. Google's new Android software marsamyalocalita phone users to easily place their Android phone's memory and the memory is empty, how you can see it.

Repeated phone 'hangs' when do you know to remove it:

# First, go to the phone settings. And the memory is empty, how you can see it. Videos, photos and apps also check how much memory has been occupied.

App options, then choose the option to use the memory of #. Phone apps to SD card or its details to learn exactly how much has taken place.

# If you want to uninstall an app, you can become unnecessary. Delete unnecessary picture or video and a lot of time, but the phone's memory is blank, "hangs" the problem might be.

If your mobile phone after seeing the above 'hangs' is to be, then it is a technical error in your phone. The mechanic will be the turn.

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To solve hanging problem - Always keep free your ram by uninstalling unneed apps.Clean Junk.Clear Recent Stories.

Some phone's ram can be increased by rooting and with some more steps.

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