Way to Remove Mechata or black spots on the skin

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বাংলায় পরতে ক্লিক করুন... এখানে

It is usually black or brown spots mecata awkward, which occurs in our skin. It is usually the face. The medical name of melajama. Jigsaw cells called melanocytes is responsible for skin color. They become ever more operational gather additional color of the skin which builds mecata clotting. There are 3 types of mecata.
3 types mecata thakeyemana
1. It's usually the upper layer of the skin is epidaramalah.
II. This is a deeper level of the skin aktu daramalah.
3. If all levels of melanin on the skin and spread the bottom of the mix. Woods is one of the lamp in the light goes out lyampa mecata it is to evaluate the level of the skin.

Why is it mecata
In contrast, women are more mecata. It's seen a lot of changes in hormones due to pregnancy. Moreover janmaniyantrana Peel, sunbeam, taking estrogen hormones, some drugs, such as Psoralen, Arsenic, Antiepileptiric, Phenothiazine and some hormone disorders such as joint adison's disease, Hyperthroidism mecata role in creating.

1. Or, use a sunscreen lotion must always avoid the sun's rays to execute.
II. Stay away from fried foods and prakriyayata.
3. Fresh vegetables, and try to eat raw and ripe fruit.
4. In addition to the face and other organs of the body mechata occur if someone who does not eat foods like glue.

Treatment required
1. The formula to be used in a mixture of three types of drugs pharmulah kligamena which acts as a bleach and curry melanasaita the viability of the cells is stopped.
II. Laser Treatment Laser treatment may be mecata mecata move again soon.
3. Emasidih ghurnamaikromana of spots in the skin of the upper layers of the pain and raktapatahinabhabe lifted. The drugs are used. Mecata one-two months is worse. There is no side effect. But it is just above the level of the skin, which epidaramala effective for mecatara

Treatment by herbal medicine
1. A mixture of honey and yogurt, use mechata part.
II. Every once in a piece of burnt gourd ghasuna mecataya.
3. Arjuna bark mixed with honey refined gura every once in a while, put it in the wash.
4. Gura milk and a pinch of cinnamon mixed with filmy put mecataya.
Blicimphedim different brands in the market or skin cream is available pharsakari diketeda cream, betanobeta, Fair & Lovely, the trailer is not part of medical treatment herbal cream, etc. According to many users of these on a regular basis if you use mecatara lighten the stain. But the cream of the effectiveness or side effects require further study.

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