Totally fixing wwe game, take a look at the evidence

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বাংলায় পরতে ক্লিক করুন..এখানে

 A man has arekajaneka the gaps. From the side of a man wearing a striped shirt says Mutter's talks! Seeing that cheerful people around. The hearing of the barbarous, inhuman, though no view of the same scene on television, but we should applaud.

There are many of us in the list of favorite TV programs. Manusagulae fights on the TV screen, and we were impressed with what we saw it! I was the most popular TV show of Wrestling.

World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE). World ranking it number one in the wrestling show took place! The program is broadcast in more than 150 countries. The event is broadcast live in more than 320 years. Channel TEN SPORTS WWE- in our country's RAW, SMACK DOWN, BOTTOM LINE, AFTER BURN, NXT, MAIN EVENT episode was aired.

WWE Hall is an American private company, which operates in the professional wrestling. There is a story behind it. Are written in different scripts for each event. Before each match was played in the professional wrestling heroes are choreographed.

The company's main office in the United States, Stamford, Connecticut. Besides New York, London, Tokyo, Munich, has offices in Singapore and Mumbai.

WWE- was started in 195. Jess mikamyana and pulp manufacturers initially named Toots Capitol Wrestling Corporation (CWC). The company's name changed several times over the next few years, since 1963, is named after the World Wide Wrestling Federation (WWWF).

Vince mikamyana in 1980 from his father, Jess mikamyana-bought Capitol Sports and Sports Tighten established. World Wide Wrestling Federation changed its name in 198 World wrestling federation (WWF) is. 00 Finally, it was named World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE), which has until now.

Vince mikamyana saw his father as a career choice if you want to resalinke Jess stopped him. In 1971, the debut of Vince at WWWF- as resalinyera commentator.

The trial of wrestling or wrestling in the ring to square television we see that the whole thing, but false. Will match up with whom, how and who will be fighting all the default. Like the hero of the movie actresses over 12 weeks, but the whole thing is choreographed to the briefing given before the resalaradera professionals.

Even during the game, the referee, he continued to say in an undertone resalaradera what is their next move. Hidden referee ears are small headphones. Content Writer with it, what happens next if the referee to tell. Who will win or lose the game, it is already scheduled.

However resalaradera often been found to be injured during the game. If they were in fact injuries. Ring match, steel cage match, etc. can be seen in the ring or cage ladders were brought up to the high resalarara the fights go down there, in the Ring match phomera a thin layer, which protects resalaradera seriously injured.

Moreover choke slam, big boot, leg drop, the rock bottom, the pedigree of the popular mubhagulo resalarara already takes practice and a part of the body that took the mubhagulo take the pain.

Movie resalarake later went to Hollywood to make a name. As The Rock, John Cena, Batista, Big M, Stone Cold Steve Austin, Chris Jericho, triple H, Bill Goldberg, Hulk Hogan, Kevin Nash has been a lot more different movies resalarake.

The resalaradera janiprayata but it is no less an actor or singer. No autographs, and taking pictures of them when they are touring the little fans took a huge line. That's because the little fans to maramari reality that they excelled baedhahaya.

TV resalaradera strong enough to show the opposite of real anekeksatrei. Wrestler Chris benayata its physical structure, a lot more just to take steroids.

At one point, he was on steroids, he bowed to the drug. Frustrated because of the rise and fall of his wrestling career and eventually his wife, son killed himself committed suicide. WWE authorities after the incident on the fitness of their resalaradera many restrictions.

Vince is currently chairman and CEO of mikamyana WWE-. Before him was his wife, Linda mikamyana as CEO. In 009, he resigned. Shane mikamyana WWE- their son was involved with up to 005. Popular Wrestler Vince and Triple H is married to Linda, daughter Stephanie mikamyanake.

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