Top 10 Richest People In Bangladesh

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The top ten richest people.

Bangladesh is a small delta in South Asia. Bangladesh is very much improved, although not by quite a few wealthy people who own the country's economy has taken another level of operation. Let's get acquainted with some of the richest people.

1. Musa ibn Musa samaserah known as the Prince. He is a pioneer in the manpower export business. Musa ibn samasera dyatako Group owns nearly 950 million dollars of assets.

II. Salman F rahamanah Group Ltd, owner of the founder. He is the owner of almost 600 million dollars.

3. He is the founder and owner of the Bashundhara Group Ahmed Akbar sobahanah. He is the owner of almost 600 million dollars.

4. Hasemah the Partex Group chairman MA and UCB Bank. Estimated his wealth at $ 500 million.

5. Azam J caudhurih the owner of East Coast Group, Chairman of Prime Bank and Jamuna Mobil lubricants sole agent. He is the owner of almost 410 million dollars.

6. Gias Uddin Al mamunah his friend Tareq Zia. The real estate, hotels and media companies.

7. Raghib Raghib Ali, a businessman successful business alih tea production. He is the Chairman of South East Bank. He is the owner of almost 300 million dollars.

8. Good Shamsuddin AK Khan & Company Ltd. Chairman and Director Shamsuddin Khan's assets. He owns nearly 300 million dollars.

9. He is a business division ikabala ahamedah. Seafood business a success. He libako simarka Brother Group Ltd. Chairman and Director. He is the owner of approximately 250290 million dollars.

10. Saiful Islam, is at the helm then kamalah top ten last Ltd and Navana CNG Limited Chairman and Director Saiful Islam Kamal. He owns about 90 million dollars.

I've gathered a lot of people suffering. Please verify my information is wrong.

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Your information is not correct. This was more than a year ago.