Top 10 Richest People In Bangladesh

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বাংলায় পরতে ক্লিক করুন... এখানে 

 He did not conversations. Money or any of the bank loan scam was also heard. No one ever heard a negative word about her business. Chittagong wealthy businessman Shaukat Ali. Chittagong, the country he 'disco Shaukat known as known.

Bangladesh to the Income Tax Department recently announced the list of the top 10 richest people in one spot Shawkat this disco. Finley, director and partner of the properties. He is also director of the Eastern Bank.

According to the specifications on the basis of internal resources 013-14 income assets, the net assets of more than 100 million people, including 5. The net worth of 50 billion or more than 47 owners. As the country's number one finance ownership has been declared as the richest city Shaukat disco. The total amount of assets net of liabilities, excluding debt of Rs 75 crore in mathematics.

Shaukat disco crocodile known as cash at Chittagong. The mentality of spending money as the sky. He loves while away from publicity. Unnecessarily due to close or abusive words, he would like to kiss, everyone enjoys it.

The vast mountain road SARS bungalow home in the port city. Easily changing the ability to attract people to a remarkable Shawkat Ali. By the end of her first child, daughter Zara returned to London to study. The weddings were organized last year, and the wedding took place as the city hosted this year's most talked marriage. Baburcira come to Calcutta and returned to the country on a shared meal.

Kolkata, Chittagong servants' cook food, water and oil components were used. All came from Bangkok and Kolkata. Chittagong has married another wealthy businessman Shahabuddin's elder son Sajjad Alam Arefeen with moon.

Top 10 wealthiest people in the country, is second in Group helm Saiful Islam, of which 70 billion of net assets. BG Sadat Sobhan third place. 05 million of its net assets. 00 million of the net assets of the Group hosapha Hossain fourth place. Group turnover in fifth place of the vice-chairman Salman F Rahman, whose net worth of Rs 165 crore. The following is the list of top rich Afroza Begum. 158 million of its net assets.

BG is in seventh place with a net worth of 155 million Safwan Sobhan, another member of the family. Akij the list of wealthy members. Five members of the family basirauddina SK, SK Jamil Uddin, SK Jasim Uddin, Sheikh Nasir Uddin Sheikh Shamim Uddin and net worth of Rs 140 crore each owner. 140 million of the net assets of the Bank Director M Abdul Khaleq. They are tied in eighth place on the list.

137 million of the net assets of the leaders of the Group Chairman Sohel F Rahman ninth. 135 million of net assets Manjurul Islam in the tenth. Anwar is in 11th place in the list. 130 million of its net assets.

Islam has followed the sequence of Nasa Group, Pran RFL Group Ahsan Khan Chowdhury, Chittagong Mohammad S. Alam Group Chairman. Saiful Alam, Md. Zahirul Islam Chowdhury, said the owner of NTV. Mosaddeq Ali, Haji Yunus Ahmed, Gazi Golam Dastagir Gazi Group Chairman and Founder of Nitol-Niloy Group Abdul Matlub Ahmad.