Remove acne spots and lighting color

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answered Jan 23, 2016 by Md Ariful Islam (781 points)

We will not use milk powder and nutmeg. Many people have allergies jayaphale, they do not use it. This process is free of side effects. Regular use will produce better results. Also for the first use, the difference will be noticed.

Which will: -

Raw milk
Fresh nutmeg powder
Method: -

Take jayaphalake fresh sawdust. Take half a nutmeg in the face without acne. If you do not take a whole acne.
Will be crushed as much, so much raw milk to make a paste.
The face of this butter paste. Why just the face, any part of the body can use.
0 minutes, then rinse. Will see the difference for yourself!
To get better results, use 3 times a week