Nine health benefits of regular intake of honey and cinnamon mix

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By virtue of the natural elements of its respective attributes. We all know less about the health benefits of honey. When the honey mixed with cinnamon, then it becomes more health performance.

Honey and cinnamon mixture of different studies are quite beneficial for health. Almost everything from heart disease to reduce the weight of honey-cinnamon mixture peerless. The health benefits of honey-cinnamon mix Anika sahjabina nutritionist. Let's see, cinnamon and honey health upakarasamuha.

1. Into bile infection - infection in the skin to prevent the honey-cinnamon mixture of bile. Honey cassia anti byaktoriyala thalike bile out of the elements, protect against bacterial infections.

II. Heart Disease - Heart of cinnamon and honey for a healthy alternative to water. Every morning, a glass of honey and cinnamon mixed drink is to stay away from the disease. It will reduce the chances of heart disease by lowering levels of cholesterol in your blood volume.

3. Rheumatism / arthritis - as a result of a recent study of honey, cinnamon drink water in a very short period of time has been reduced arthritis pain. A glass of warm water and two tablespoons of honey and one tablespoon cinnamon powder mixed. This is the day the water up in the morning and at night before going to bed to drink. In a few weeks it will reduce your arthritis pain.

4. Weight loss - Weight loss does not have pair of cinnamon and honey. One study showed that cinnamon and honey reduces fat very quickly. Cinnamon powder and honey every day with a glass of boiling water to drink khalipete. This will help to reduce your weight.

5. Cholesterol: - with a cup of tea and three tablespoons of cinnamon powder mixed with two tablespoons of honey and drink your blood cholesterol levels by 10 percent, it will kameye. Blood pressure is not under control of the pair.

6. Bad breath: - kasuma hot water with honey and cinnamon and mix. Drink it in the morning every day. This will remove your mouth odor.

7. The immune system - plays a regular honey and cinnamon powder enhances your body's immune system. With a variety of bacteria and viruses in the body limbs fought helps you stay healthy.

8. To eliminate acne: - honey cinnamon paste and apply on the acne. It will help to quickly remove acne. Byaktoriyala anti honey and cassia anti acne is inaphlamatori elements.

9. Hair fall prevention - with olive oil and 1 tablespoon honey, 1 teaspoon cinnamon powder mixed paste to create. Put it in the empty hair (from which the hair has fallen). After 15 minutes, the hair with warm water to remove the shampoo. This will help to grow new hair.

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