wedding night kill cat story

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বাংলায় পরতে ক্লিক করুন... এখানে 

Let's hear the story before killing the cat. Once upon a time there were two daughters of the King of Baghdad. This was not the daughter of a prince without. King's daughter was two much beloved. Two of the king's daughter, the maid always had a ten to fifteen people. When a princess is what you need, and they will obey. Two rajakanyarai was a cat. Cats were two of them always pal. They sat down to eat and sleep, but even with that there were two cats. It was great to see two rajakanyai once. They became upayugi marriage. Then the king's thoughts grow, because the king will have to go through Its jamaidera on this huge state. So you need to find two children who are eligible. Who will be able to perform well in this important responsibility.


Duibhai across the state and found that many khojakhuji the king's daughters, to whom he was married to the king's mind. He is married with two princess ekasatheatahpara much pomp and two daughters-law dayitya equally divided state. The two brothers became suddenly busy much of the drive. There are a lot of two-day visit to meet. All of a sudden see the two brothers was a big occasion. Then suddenly both became overwhelming after all these years to see this for bhaiera. Many words and then asked the younger brother of the king's daughters that their wife. The elder brother said: Well, a lot of respect to her daughter. He never seemed to do anything. Et cetera. Beauty care for her younger brother and said these are not heard. Always angry and sometimes even assaulted by the angry hand. When asked how the elder brother of the princess were subjugated? He said the big brother, brother of a princess cat kathachota said yes to me more than the cat who care. Brother said, yes, the first day Basara entered the house with a sword I gave a knock on the cats. At a two-diameter.

I thought of this incident daughter looks so much larger man, since he left me a lot of respect. I have heard this thought in mind, today's younger brother returned home would ruin the lives of cats. Then the two brothers meet again after a long time. The body of a small scar bhaiera. What's elder brother, asked whether any had been wounded in the war? Brother said, brother, you hear, I went home that day with his sword and gave the wrath dividing cat. But the opposite happened to me halaamake For a month in jail and tortured to enjoy the pleasure of the penalty. The elder brother said, Basara night to kill the cat, then, when there is no profit. Basara actually do something to kill the cat. ... These are the only stories. Islam has nothing to do with the remote. Such unnecessary prejudice in our life should be. Allah Almighty give us. Ameen!

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