How to modify identity card at home

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বাংলায় পরতে ক্লিক করুন... এখানে 


Go to this link to register first (https format, because these sites write to your Firefox browser, it may come in This Connection is Untrusted solution to the first click the I Understand the Risks.
# On the warning page, click I Understand the Risks.
# Click "Add Exception '.... The Add Security Exception dialog will appear.
# Click "Confirm Security Exception" will appear on the site. )

Who can register for the online services
If you are a voter registration Take advantage of these websites. To register follow the steps Low karuna
1. Please fill in the necessary information to complete the registration process.
II. Activation code received with your card information and phone log.
3. Changes in the information by updating the information on the form to print.
4. Prntakrta scanned copy of the signed form and submit it online.
5. Changing color scanned copies of documents online and submit the necessary support.
I "d like to meet rejistresanapharama click".
Please fill in the form correctly
# Enaaidi Number (if your enaaidi number is 13 digits, but must first take the example with your janmasala your card number 1234567891000 and janmasala 1990 Would you like 19901234567891000)
# Date Date (see card Select)
# Mobile Phone Number (on your cell phone because the mobile number to send Verify code)
# Email: (If you can not, if the problem is, if the login email address can send e-mail to verify if the code is not mobile at hand)
# Present address: Department of the district and upazila / thana select which gave voters the time.
# Permanent address: Department of the district and upazila / thana was selected during which the voters gave.
# Login Password: The password should be 8 numbers will be capital letters and numbers, such InfoPedia71
The proper way to fill out the captcha lowercase, uppercase letters or numbers that have been let down so they do not give you space. The "Register" button to go to the second step.
Forms to register the proper and successful way to look after the code has been installed on your phone and the browser has the option to samamita the code, mobailerabheriphikesana code in the image below in the home and to register, click bamtane.
(Re-order code is the code within minutes the phone message (SMS), click)
After entering the correct code to be your Account Active Thats like the image below you will be asked to login or login link
Login to your national ID number (13 digits with the first take your janmasala), date of birth and the password you want to use to verify the codes to be selected.
If the mobile phone number registered to your hand, otherwise, select the e-mail.
The "front" and click.
Now, select your phone or e-mail to verify the code and put options, please login.
If the code does not come within two minutes, "the code Send" button.
All information in the database can be viewed by the Commission as well. Click either of the following options to suit your needs to update the information. Thus, you can change the picture of your national ID card, or modify data very easily.
How to Play the new voters will be?
Go to this link to get voters to apply online
Please fill in your voter information. Online voters to read the conditions of the well and "amirajionibandhanapharamapuranakaratecai click".
New voter registration !!
1) as a new voter registration process, you are welcome.
A) Role
# Online voter registration form through the process properly, you can fill out)
# If you are already a voter does not need to reapply. If the application is re-registered persons punishable offense
# The new age of more than 18 expatriates or excluded Voters can register through this process
# Click here for details.
B. Dhapasamuhah
Please fill in the information step by step #
# All information without your full name and Bangla Unicode standard
# Pribhiuera all data after the completion of all the steps to be verified again
# Create PDF file to print it with the required documents and submit to the closest office
# To verify the information and address verification to make sure the information is correct, your card will be created
Collect cards with the card receipt #
Submit copies of documents required to form #

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