wrong idea about obese people

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বাংলায় পরতে ক্লিক করুন... এখানে

 Fat people are fat mind:
This concept is totally ingrained in our society, fat people are less intelligent! The idea is not at all dependent on the physical form. Depending on the brain of a human being. So, fat people have fat mind, it is completely baseless.

Obese people eat more:
It is true that, because of the extra food to fat people, fat people eat more, but not all. There are many reasons that haramonajanita or coarse bansagatabhabei. So that all the people, who eat more fat, it is not at all true.

Fat people are lazy:
Heavy physical movement for the formation of fat people is a little cumbersome, but that does not mean they're lazy. There are many people who are physically active. Weight loss is not the case, however physically demanding work. Hormonal problems due to the thick manual labor without them quite difficult to reduce weight. As a result, even if they do not affect too much on the physical. All flesh is so thick that the lazy, the word is simply wrong.

Some obese individuals do not love:
The attraction to beauty forever. All men and women can easily attract beautiful physical form. The idea was so widely prevalent in our society that do not love anyone motadera. Yet another misconception. Obese people come to love life, to love someone, He.

Obese people are not creative:
Each person comes to the world of creative power of natural way, no less no more. The creative power of someone is developed, not of someone. Obese people are not creative, that's not right at all. In many cases, many obese people have contributed to the arts. As Adnan Sami, Bappi Lahiri, Fouad and others. And their heavy body has never stood in their creativity.

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