How much sleep need a man by different age

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The human mind and body to maintain normal sbacchandyake as much sleep as much as we need a normal night's sleep. But Depending on the age of the people and the people. Usually we say 6 to 8 hours of normal sleep. However, it should be pointed out, there is no such thing. Moreover, people of different ages, so there is no variation in their sleep. - Such as: -

Infant (02 months of age) in: - the stranger about 4 hours sleep 10 to 19 hours.

Cole children (age of 212 months) in case of: - the total amount of sleep 4 hours to 10 hours from 1 to 13 hours is not matorate and three or four hours of sleep a day.

Walk children (1-3 years of age): - sleep 11 to 13 hours of sleep daily. During the day, sleeping two, at the age of 18 months is reduced demand.

Pre-school age (3-5 years of age): - from 9 to 10 hours sleep at night.

Early Childhood (612 years of age): - from nine to 11 hours of daily sleep.

Kaisara-youth (age 1 year of age): - The average sleep time, sleep seven to nine hours daily.

The average healthy sleep 8 hours a day. Thanks.