common symptoms of cancer

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বাংলায় পরতে ক্লিক করুন..এখানে

Common symptoms of cancer samuha

    Feeling very tired for no reason.

    Decreased appetite than usual or than in the past.

    Or aggregates to appear anywhere on the body of the wheel. The wheels can be a pain sometimes, the pain may not be.

    The chronic cough, no I was not around. Or for a long time to be broken neck.

    Change in bowel habits. Frequent diarrhea, constipation or blood in the stool.

    Or more than a little bit of fever, sweating at night or in the cold.

    Unusual weight loss.

    Somewhere down the abnormal bleeding, and did not seek to stop the bleeding.

    The change is visible on the skin. No tilana or something else to change the size or appearance.

    Breast pain, or out of the crowd.

    Severe pain in the head for a long time. Gradually increasing the amount of pain.

    The wound did not seek to dry.

    The signs of the times, the doctor will have one or more symptoms occur. Do not ignore at all. Neglect can be a moment of your death.

Leave the cancer janmadanakari some practice -

    Stay away from high-fat diet. Because fatty foods, breast, bowel and prostate cancer.

    Refrain from smoking. Most cancers are caused by smoking.

    Chewing tobacco, sadapata, stop smoking tobacco. Because face it, marhi and can cause cancer of the trachea.

    Try to avoid alcohol consumption. By the liver and can lead to stomach cancer.

    Pickles, pickle, dry and salt to refrain from eating the fish. Because the esophagus and stomach cancer can cause.

    Sun screen and do not go out in the sun without an umbrella. The risk of skin cancer.

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